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Anmeldelser af lesbiske film

Forbudt kærlighed
The Four-Faced Liar
A Marine Story
Room in Rome
The kids are all right
The Secret Diaries..
I Can't Think Straight
Hannah Free
Out at the wedding
Loving Annabelle
The World Unseen
Was am Ende zählt
Love Sick
Death Proof
Notes on a Scandal
The Page Turner
Goldfish Memory
My Summer of Love
Imagine Me & You
Saving Face
The Journey
Million Dollar Baby
Round Trip
Agent Catwalk 2
Producing Adults
Head in the Clouds
Lige pludselig
Tipping the Velvet
Fucking Åmål

 Vod: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
En frisk "lille" film på to timer, der viser et farverigt moderne Indien i bevægelse med humor, varme og glæde...

 Vod: Abepigerne
For mig at se, virker det blot mere som to mentalt forstyrrede piger, hvis forældre åbenlyst ikke er til stede...

 Vod: J. Edgar
'J. Edgar' er et gravmæle om en svunden tid i folkeskolen, den hvor dødkedelige historietimer udpintes for alt levende og kreativt. ..

 Vod: Forbudt kærlighed (Circumstance)
Forbudt kærlighed giver et sjældent indblik i hverdagens prøvelser under det iranske styre, og som vi andre kun er vidner til gennem medierne...

Anmeldelser af bøssefilm

The Best Exotic Mari..
J. Edgar
Rosa Morena
Little Ashes
Loose Cannons
Children of God
Manden som elskede..
Patrik 1,5
A Love To Hide
Breakfast with Scot
Wild Tiger
Goldfish Memory
Brokeback Mountain
The Family Stone
Mean Creek
Desperate Housewives
Little Britain sæson 1+2
Unge Andersen
Agent Catwalk 2
Walk on Water
A home at the end of...
Familien Gregersen
The Phantom of the O..
Party Monster
Before Night Falls
Øst for Paradis
...Og din mor
The Laramie Project
Bear Cup
Den følsomme mand
Happy Together
Far Side of the Moon

Trailere af de bedste homofilm
  Titler med fed skrift er indsat i november 2012.
Lesbiske film
2012: Passion Breaking the girls Submerge

2011: Cloudburst Bumblefuck, USA The Night Watch Empty sky Angels Crest Lipstikka Three Veils Tomboy The Moth Diaries Love Crime Circumstance The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Attenberg Kyss mig Fjellet Apflickorna

2010: Mary Marie We Are the Night So hard to forget Bloomington The Four-Faced Liar Black Swan The Owls Bloomington Leading Ladies Elena Undone The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister A Marine Story Des filles en noir/Young Girls in Black The Kids are Alright The Runaways Room in Rome

2009: Lightswitch I Am Love The Sea Purple Villa Amalia Fagbug (dok) The Sea Purple/Viola Di Mare Eloise’s Lover We Are the Mods Paulista/Quanto Dura o Amor? Highly Strung/Je Te Mangerais Cracks Bitch slap Chloé Drool Elöise The Private Lives of Pippa Lee El niño pez Luftkastellet der blev sprængt Hannah Free iMurders Ghosted Running On Empty Dreams Mississippi Damned And then came Lola Pigen der legede med ilden Mænd der hader kvinder (link 1) Mænd der hader kvinder (link 2) Lesbian Vampire Killers

2008: The Wedding Song On the Other Hand, Death My Friend from Faro Lion's Den The Baby Formula Sunshine cleaning Mein Freund aus Faro Affinity The Guitar Drifting Flowers The Women (2008) Vicky Christina Barcelona Water Lilies

2007: The Secrets Tick Tock Lullaby Steam A domicilio (o incluso también el amor) Pusinky This Kiss Out at the wedding La môme/La Vie En Rose Was am Ende zählt/Nothing Else Matters The Secrets I Can't Think Straight Pariah The World Unseen The Edge of Heaven The Page Turner This Kiss Finn's Girl Looking for Cheyenne Shelter Me
The Secrets
2006: Cosa Bella Changing Spots In Memory Of Me Love & Suicide Rome & Juliet Sonja Vier Minuten/Four minutes Vivere Nina's Heavenly Delights The Gymnast Love sick Puccini for Beginners In Her Line of Fire Spider Lilies A Love to Keep Notes on a Scandal
2005: Backstage Die Boxerin BackStage My Brother's War Fingersmith D.E.B.S. Gypo Unveiled Imagine Me & You Loving Annabelle
2004: She Hate Me My Summer of Love Mango Kiss The Journey Saving Face Producing Adults
2003<= Affäre zu dritt (2003) Making Maya (2003) April´s shower (2003) Goldfish Memory (2003) Monster (2003) New Best Friend (2002) Fine mrtve djevojke/Fine Dead Girls (2002) Clara's Summer (2002) My Mother Likes Women (2002) Combats de femme/Un amour de femme (2001) Stranger Inside (2001) The Girl (2001) Die Reise nach Kafiristan (2001) Jessica Stein (2001) Amour de Femme (2001) Lost and Delirious (2001) By Hook or by Crook (2001) The Truth About Jane (2000) Les filles ne savent pas nager/Girls can't swim (2000) Johnny Greyeyes (2000) Better than Chocolate (1999) Aimee und Jaguar (1999) Chutney Popcorn (1999) Traveling Companion (1998) Out of season (1998) Fucking Åmål (1998) High Art (1998) All Over Me (1997) Foxfire (1996) Gia (1996) Fire (1996) A Village Affair (1995) When Night Is Falling (1995) Boys on the Side (1995)

2012: Morgan Keep The Lights On Yossi

2011: Private Romeo Stadt Land Fluss Notre paradis Noordzee, Texas Going Down in LA-LA Land Romeos Judas Kiss August Christopher And His Kind Weekend Jitters/Órói Private Romeo Rosa Morena

2010: Sasha Beginners Keillers Park Role/Play Loose Cannons Violet Tendencies Sasha BearCity The String/Le Fil From Beginning To End Contracorriente/Undertow The Sensei The Cost of Love Defying Gravity Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken/Love in Thoughts Shank

2009: Light Gradient Soundless Wind Chime Il Compleanno/David's Birthday Dorian Gray Plan B Eyes wide open Grown Up Movie Star Rivers Wash Over Me The Big Gay Musical Einayim Petukhoth/Eyes Wide Open The Art of Being Straight Dare Whirlwind A Single Man The New Twenty Broderskab End of Love Redwoods Mulligans Ghosted Were the World Mine Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!! A Single Man Make the Yuletide Gay Prayers for Bobby I Love You Man Humpday I Love You Philip Morris

2008: Born in 68 Third Man Out: A Donald Strachey Mystery All My Life Between Love & Goodbye City Without Baseball Give me your hand/Donne-moi la main Finding Me Were the World Mine Antarctica Watercolors Between Love & Goodbye Mannen som elsket Yngve Patrik 1,5 Dream boy Little Ashes Were the World Mine True Loved XXY Milk 3-Day Weekend

2007: Burn the Bridges/Quemar las Naves Chuecatown/Boystown Bangkok Love Story Breakfast with Scot Wild Tigers In The Arms of My Enemy Whirlwind AFR A Jihad for Love The Bubble Back Soon
2006: Shock to the System Poltergay The Conrad Boys No Regret/Huhwihaji anha The Conrad Boys Shortbus Boy Culture Glue One Day In Summer/Un Jour D'ete Wedding Wars Long-term Relationship Eternal Summer
2005: Adam & Steve The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros FAQS Amnesia: The James Brighton Enigma Breakfast on Pluto C.R.A.Z.Y Brokeback Mountain Out of Hand/Keller-Teenage Wasteland Whole New Thing Almost Normal The Dying Gaul
2004: Brother To Brother HellBent Poster Boy Straight Jacket Harry and Max Love in Thoughts/Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken Eating Out Mysterious Skin Touch of Pink Sommerstorm Cachorro/Bear Cub Walk On Water Kinsey
2003: Cowboys and Angels Latter Days The Mudge Boy Goldfish Memory Proteus
2002<= No Night Is Too Long (2002) Frühstück?/Breakfast? (2002) You'll Get Over It (2002) The Trip (2002) The Nature of Nicholas (2002) Food of Love (2002) All Over The Guy (2001) The Deep End (2001) The Fluffer (2001) El Mar (2000) Drôle de Félix (2000) Burnt Money (2000) Just a Question of Love (2000) Big Eden (2000) Come Undone (2000) Juste une Question D'amour (2000) O Fantasma (2000) Happy Together (2000) Rites of Passage (1999) Fogi Is a Bastard (1998) Edge of Seventeen (1998) Bent (1997) Beautiful Thing (1996) Sacred Silence (1996) The Sum of Us (1994) Philadelphia (1993) The Wedding Banquet (1993) Longtime Companion (1990) My Beautiful Laundrette (1985) Maurice (1987)

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  Titler med fed skrift er indsat i marts 2011.

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